The reason why everyone loves traditional Art Jewellery

Every piece of art jewellery you own depicts the essence of your character.Everything has a story behind itself. Traditional jewellery shows our culture, with pomp and pageantry.

The immense signification of the detailing done by the artisans and the devotedness towards that makes it exemplary and prospers with time. The designs are made exclusively with selection of efficacious crafting of kundan ,khakhomoti with emeralds and rubies.

Traditional ethnic bridal jewelry soothes and make women in peace. Embracing the uniqueness of a necklace is depicted the way you carry it will alluring ethnic wear. One decides the jewelry to enhance their outfit. The exquisite significance of traditional art present into real life with kundan and pearls is personified.

 One of the most precious jewellery we make is of Kundankari, though originated in Rajasthan during the Mughal era, is popular jewellery for weddings for north while for down south as well, made from Kunan (glass stones). Kundan is something we often see adorning a bride’s neck. The amount of skill used to set these gems and stones into intricately designed jewellery is not just astonishing but so sophisticated than even a dainty Kundan choker can make a bride look extremely elegant!

To wear something statement and building up your style quotient is crucial for the ethnicity of the ornament. The sautoir is exclusively combined with antique gold and with the sense of joy and epic love towards Indian art and culture.

For the glory and worth beneath a women face with the obsolete patterns make it beneficial and primitive. Antique cultured work is inspired by different philosophies. With the land of many festivals, cultures and the onslaught of trends make it a change in the designs.

There’s nothing better than a bride who is adorned with minimal jewellery. Our beautiful bride’s in a polki round necklace embellished with tourmaline along with polki karanphool jhumkas and tourmaline. Completing her look is a captivating Nizamipolki and tourmaline maang tikka, signature design by us. Below is a green embellished polka round necklace styled by our bride ! 

A variety of concepts to go along with ethnic or indo-western wear is here with us. Jaw-dropping jewellery is all we need to go through our occasions and make people gaze you. The famous and timeless jewellery is what we adore and are curated by our artisans with sleek, detailing and luxe.

Among the rising love for chokers, gulbands, rani haars and bespoke ladahaars, there is one trend we’ve repeatedly seen brides slay in, which is the art and aesthetics of combing neck cinching chokers and satlada and panchladahaars. While Chokers have been around for centuries, satladas are of Nawabi heritage, and the combination of both in a bridal ensemble is a classic which is hard to ignore. And this trend has definitely seen a positive evolution over the ages. And long pearls attached with statement pendants is pin-worthy and regal. Traditional yet chic is what everyone’s dream!

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Staying alone in a big city, I am writing for all those women who struggle to balance their responsibilities at work and at home.

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