4 Biggest Denim Trends of 2020

Half a year in 2020 and we have noticed the best trends of the century and that includes one of my favorite clothing items: denim. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you can own, so I thought it would be fitting to kick off the new year talking about the biggest denim trends to spice up your closet. I’ve rounded up the best denim looks for 2020 featuring some styles. 

  1. Wide Leg Denim Jeans

   2020 has brought back everyone’s favourite wide leg jeans that are the most comfortable ones. They instantly up the chic factor of your outfit. Consider wide leg denims as your go-to that can be worn with pretty much anything.  

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  1. Flared Denims 

Flared denims are for a win this year. Embracing them elevates your style and makes you look taller . Get all the 70s vibe back with them , I guess they are here to stay for a long time now.

  1. Mom Jeans 

This denim trend is here to rule all the others. I believe that they are cute , comfy and of course really important in a woman’s wardrobe. They are loose fit denim and look baggy. 

  1.  High Rise Denim Jeans 

You will hardly find someone saying that they don’t like high rise jeans. They are flattering on any body type , which are good with cropped sweaters or even tucked in shirts. They sometimes come with belts, giving you a great modern look.

The classic look of denims penetrates with street style all over. Let’s get out of sleek and shimmer and wear your favorite evergreen fashion of classic look outfit, hit the denim for a change!

Published by Amrut Attire Guru

Staying alone in a big city, I am writing for all those women who struggle to balance their responsibilities at work and at home.

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