Saree styles this season

We can safely say this, every Indian woman has at least one saree in their wardrobe. Except for older and middle-aged women, not all wear the saree on a regular basis. The reason being, many women feel wearing a saree is a time-consuming hassle.
Hold on to that thought a second, the Indian saree is one of the biggest indicators of our rich and varied cultural heritage. There are many ways in which you can style a saree, many women do not know about this much.
In this article, we’ll show you how you can style your saree in different ways for the ultimate glam look. Now no one can say wearing a saree is a hassle.

Party Wear Ruffle saree

Ruffle Sarees can make you look unique and interesting

Ruffle sarees gives your ensemble a ‘3D’ look. Available in many fabrics including Net, Silk , Georgette and others, Ruffle sarees enhance your personality manifold. Many of them come with matching blouses that completes your look.

Monochrome Saree

Monochrome saree can look sexy and get you in the limelight

The most popular design theme these days is minimalism. Instead of too much detailing, a simple ensemble with a design that stands out can make a great style statement. This could mean pairing a simple monochrome saree and pairing it up with a piece of jewellery that can accentuate your look.

Plain ol’ Cotton saree

If you are in a hurry, a simple Cotton saree can work wonders

Getting ready at the last minute? No worries, a simple printed cotton saree is your biggest saviour. You can team it up with a contrasting blouse for the best look. You can team it up with a choker or a bracelet that matches with your cotton silk saree.

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Enhance grace with a simple belt

You can get a chic look by adding a belt to your saree

Who knew a simple black belt with a little detailing can up your fashion quotient manifold? If you are longing to attend that important office party and don’t know what to wear, a simple, lightly coloured silk saree with a belt to the waist can give you an extra dose of compliments.

Who said a whole white attire is boring?

A simple white saree need not be worn just for funerals

We aren’t talking of the funeral look. In summertime, your saree would be the best ‘canvas’ to show off your style. Team up your silk saree with a short jacket, clutch or an oversized piece of jewellery for the ultimate glam look.

Look unique with a half-and-half saree

A half-and-half saree can give you an amazing look

Stand out from the rest with a designer half-and-half saree. Such a saree can be worn by women of all ages- it also makes for a great gift to your mother-in-law. These are ideal to wear to a family function or a social event.

Enjoy any party with a Net Saree

Net Sarees take the sexiness quotient several notches

Want to look traditional yet glamourous? A net saree is the best attire for any social function. Many come with intricate embroidery that is sure to grab attention.

Resurgence of the floral printed saree

Pocket friendly printed sarees are the best option if you are on a budget. Many of them come with latest colours and designs that can ensure you are in the limelight.

Sarees are a versatile Indian women’s garment that can be worn everywhere. The next time you think about dressing for that social function you so longed to attend, remember, a saree will always be your saviour.

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