Women In Red On This Women’s Day!

Women are the pioneer of our society! Woman is running like blood in our bodies, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and what not! Women are the running blood and pumping heart just like the red hues of fashion, blended and moulded in every fabric of glamour. This women’s day Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon celebrates Women in Red! Here are some glimpses of how Red is the strongest women of colors!

1. This stunning piece is as bold and as stylish as a women want to be and should be!

2. This piece of a gown stands strong with any fashion statement and yet is very tranquil just like women!

3. A red saree is the top-notch solution to make this world go crazy in a go and many women has the quality to raise up like it! We are so proud on that!

4. Cold shoulders but carrying weight of the whole world on it! Checked and Approved- A women!

5. A wedding day! A girl becoming a woman! It’s a life-size transformation with a life-size celebration and one full of life attire for the day!

We have showed you how red has done its part in different cultures and different attires with different artwork on it, Women are just the same and we celebrate women not just today but 365 days of the year!

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Published by Amrut Attire Guru

Staying alone in a big city, I am writing for all those women who struggle to balance their responsibilities at work and at home.

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