Fashion Trends in 2021

Indian brides are leaning into the times we’re living in, making the most of them with some playful twists on long-time classics. Traditionally, Indian brides wear the sacred color of red as a symbol of Mars (the planet in charge of marriage, according to Hindu astrology) and prosperity, but today’s modern brides are donning bright fuschia, shades of emerald, yellow (the 2021 color of the year), and in some cases all of the above.


Most Indian brides traditionally do a completely different look for their receptions or after-parties, but with most doing one outfit, a color like gold offers the ability to simply change up your jewelry or accessories for a distinct look that will carry you from the traditional ceremonies to the after-party.


Ombré has been really exciting to experiment with because of the light-to-dark aspect. Some people go through that question of wondering whether they should do a pastel or darker color, but this way you can get the best of both worlds.


Organza is really big this year again, too, because it’s such a delicate and beautiful fabric that always looks tasteful on brides. If you’re still leaning towards a traditional silhouette for your lehenga, a lacey, scalloped dupatta is a great way to have a bit of fun—plus, it photographs beautifully.


V necklines are a great choice right now because you can wear it with a lot of heavy jewelry and a thick choker, and it still looks stunning. When it comes to bridalwear, maximalism isn’t just about throwing as many things together as possible and calling it extra—it’s about skillfully finding ways to put everything you love together in a way that’s elegant.

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