Silk Sarees are in trend these days!

Red or pink are still popular colours and big borders are mandatory but people are moving towards more plain sarees with punchy blouses to accentuate the saree style. Here is some solid inspiration for Indian Fashion if you wish to go that way! Also, if you’re looking for bridal sarees, we’ve got you covered.

This pink saree with the printed motifs and checked design.

Bright pink is always a favourite, and this one with the printed motifs is a win-win for every bride ! Giving the elegant look with the color being more of a brighter shade that can go with both morning and evening weddings.

This yellow pattu saree with the butis.

Yellow booti design pattu saree with the offbeat, embroidered blouse, with hints of green. This is a lovely combination for brides with a slightly dark skin tone. The pink border totally complements the sari.

This red and pink one with gold work all over.

The transition between red, orange and pink is what makes this Saree a good to go for. With time-less designs all over and boutis on the border. There is so much happening in this sari, yet none of it looks too much. The beautiful paisley border, the bootis on the sari, the embroidered blouse- all complement each other beautifully, with the pink of the sari blending into the read border so seamlessly.

This green and red pattu silk saree

Green saree with golden borders with a touch of red, paired up with golden prints. In fact, the mirror work blouse is a fresh take on the traditional embroidered and/ or silk blouses. The traditional pattu sari looks lovely with this type of a blouse.

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