Fashion Also Means Equality!

If the creative field is supposedly meant to be democratic, then how are we to justify the injustices at every corner of the industry? Under the veil of creative output, the industry at large—or at least the voices in charge—choose to let things slide, favoring creativity over equality and respect.

Much like the glorified status of creativity, legacy and financial ties have the power to overshadow inappropriate actions, particularly when it comes to the fashion houses that have been ruling the fashion industry for decades. Amrut-The-Fashion-Icon is different!

Looking hard at the current landscape presents us with a reality that acknowledges inequality but simultaneously hides within antiquated paradigms in order to ignore it.

Facing the broken system of gender in fashion can easily make you cynical, but there are actions we can take in order to make a difference one way or another—whether you are a designer, fashion insider, or consumer. You can do this.

You have the power to attempt to shift the sexist standard through not only compelling and gender bending design and continued discussion, but also through making informed decisions in how you purchase.

You have us! Amrut is with you!

Published by Amrut Attire Guru

Staying alone in a big city, I am writing for all those women who struggle to balance their responsibilities at work and at home.

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