Kurti Trends To Follow…

Kurtis is a part of the quintessential style of an Indian woman and the variety in this women’s apparel is ever-changing with the evolving style and fashion sense. This type of women’s clothing is very comfortable and is widely worn in India by women of all age groups. This is the simple Kurti that we wear and areContinue reading “Kurti Trends To Follow…”

Sharara To Shine Upon…

The 2000’s called they want their lehengas back! Trends are changing in the ethnic fashion scene -Umrao Jaan’s Sharara is making a grand comeback & we couldn’t be any happier! About time long and bulky lehengas took a backseat! It’s the era of the ‘Sassy Sharara” and why not? Comfortable, classy, and chic, Shararas is a clever choice forContinue reading “Sharara To Shine Upon…”

Lehengas Which Are Worshiped!

To help you sail through, we fished out some of the most pretty home-wedding looks donned by our real brides. After all, what better than real brides to seek inspiration for outfit ideas for a home wedding! Bride’s picturesque portraits in lehenga are proof you can nail a comfy yet breathtaking bridal look at yourContinue reading “Lehengas Which Are Worshiped!”

Not A Saree To Be Called Traditional…

The journey of traditional sarees taking the contemporary route has seen a pleasant headway over time which indeed has swarmed the fashion screens and markets alive. The 1950s were the defining years for this beloved Indian garment, with stars like Nutan, Mumtaz, and many more flashing never-seen-before draping styles as well as fabrics. Since thenContinue reading “Not A Saree To Be Called Traditional…”

The Amazing Art Of Patola

If one could talk of a legend in weaves, Patola Silks would be the very epitome of it. Once an exclusive inheritance of royalty and aristocracy, patola sarees were and still are a prized possession, worn exclusively on special occasions like vedic rituals and weddings. Patola sarees are considered sacred in a number of communities. These handwovenContinue reading “The Amazing Art Of Patola”

Patola Sarees – Pride of Gujarat

Patola means “Queen of Silks”. The Patola Silk Sarees are one of the finest varieties of handloom silk saree from Gujarat. Patola sarees are woven with great clarity and precision. They are well known all over the world for their highly delicate patterns. These sarees are woven by master weavers on a special type ofContinue reading “Patola Sarees – Pride of Gujarat”

Fashion Also Means Equality!

If the creative field is supposedly meant to be democratic, then how are we to justify the injustices at every corner of the industry? Under the veil of creative output, the industry at large—or at least the voices in charge—choose to let things slide, favoring creativity over equality and respect. Much like the glorified statusContinue reading “Fashion Also Means Equality!”

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