Saree styles this season

We can safely say this, every Indian woman has at least one saree in their wardrobe. Except for older and middle-aged women, not all wear the saree on a regular basis. The reason being, many women feel wearing a saree is a time-consuming hassle.Hold on to that thought a second, the Indian saree is oneContinue reading “Saree styles this season”

11 Maang Tikka Styles For A Millenial Bride

With time, every bride’s essential and a must have choice is a Maang Tikka. No Indian Bride of 2020 can take maang tikkas off her mind! We “millennial brides” swear on the details, to make it all elegant and gracious. There are a million ways you style this essential jewelry. So ditch the traditional wayContinue reading “11 Maang Tikka Styles For A Millenial Bride”

4 Biggest Denim Trends of 2020

Half a year in 2020 and we have noticed the best trends of the century and that includes one of my favorite clothing items: denim. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you can own, so I thought it would be fitting to kick off the new year talking about the biggest denim trends toContinue reading “4 Biggest Denim Trends of 2020”

5 Bridal Jewellery styles in 2020

It is almost wedding season! Every winter bride is tired of running errands for the best bridal jewelry sets. Bridal jewelry symbolizes art and traditions with our ancient heritage which keeps you attached to your roots. Art jewelry represents a particular style which is inspired from various traditions across India.  If you are looking forContinue reading “5 Bridal Jewellery styles in 2020”

What all you need to know about post-pandemic fashion?

Covid-19 has locked us in our homes the past months which were chaotic and disturbing. That has not stopped a trend setter from keeping their spirits on fashion. One good thing that this disaster helped with is “The power of minimalism and being subtle”.  There are some things that never change like; what to wearContinue reading “What all you need to know about post-pandemic fashion?”

The reason why everyone loves traditional Art Jewellery

Every piece of art jewellery you own depicts the essence of your character.Everything has a story behind itself. Traditional jewellery shows our culture, with pomp and pageantry. The immense signification of the detailing done by the artisans and the devotedness towards that makes it exemplary and prospers with time. The designs are made exclusively withContinue reading “The reason why everyone loves traditional Art Jewellery”

Getting married? Here’s some bridal wedding inspiration

We know that women are really fond of selecting lehengas for weddings. Experimenting with bridal lehengas is quite trending but let’s agree that no matter what trend comes or goes, one that never changes is that of the classic red bridal lehenga. It is traditional, blazing and complements the Indian skin tone beautifully. That isContinue reading “Getting married? Here’s some bridal wedding inspiration”

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